What we do

We solve complex problems and user needs through creative design.

Our primary discipline is Industrial Design which encompasses a wide range of capabilities. From conducting user and market research to final packaging design, we help clients create the best user experiences for their customers. Here's what that process can look like...


Our services

From an idea to shipping boxes, our services are tailored to make a positive impact across the value chain...


To future proof your buisness its important to look ahead, identify opportunities and explore new possibilities. Based on business objectives, we support strategic decision making using design tools to explore, co-create and define new directions.


We believe products should be intuitive, beautiful to behold and created with care. Through an iterative cross-functional development process we make sure you meet time and budget goals, and deliver to market staying true to the initial core concept.


This is where things get physical; we pressure test concepts using models made from 3D printing, cardboard, sculpted foam or fabricated prototypes. The faster we can make & break, the more we can learn and improve the product. This is also where we evaluate material selection which can elevate a product's quality and reduce it's environmental impact. We can help you choose materials responsibly.

Beyond the product


Our design consideration extends beyond just the product; we take a wholistic approach that looks at the entire user journey. From the discovery of the product through to the end of its lifecycle, the user experience is always considered.

A team

tailored to you

We recognize each project brings about its unique challenges, so we collaborate with experts across various fields to create the best team for the project.

Lets create change

Partner with Windfall


Windfall is a collective of designers, artists and makers, working with companies globally to bring ideas and concepts to life.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • User Research
  • Concepting
  • Rendering
  • Prototyping
  • Testing



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