Infinity Bell

Infinity Bell is a smart kettlebell with improved ergonomics and adjustable weights. It's compact design and versatility make the Infinity Bell ideal for any home workout.


Weight selection

Infinity Bell allows the user to quickly adjust the weight with the push of a button. For safety, weight adjustment is only enabled when Infinity Bell detects its presence on the weight dock, which also serves as a charging platform.


Why the Kettle bell?

The kettlebell stands out from the saturated market of fitness equipment by striking the best balance between footprint and versatility. A single kettlebell enables hundreds of exercises that target the full body.


Ergonomic improvements

Extensive research and testing identified two major points of improvement for a standard kettlebell concerning its ergonomics and shape: 

First, the spherical shape of the kettlebell forces the wrist backwards into a compromised position resulting in painful pressure and potential for injury. 

Secondly, because of its spherical shape, there is low surface area for contact which creates an uncomfortable amount of pressure on a user's forearm. Infinity Bell eliminates these risks by extending and flattening the body and adding a concave groove for the forearm to naturally rest.


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