Iris is a first of its kind Virtual Reality (VR) camera. Using 3 high resolution sensors, Iris captures clear, low distortion, 270° content. Designed for content creators, Iris maintains a familiar footprint to traditional cameras, while intuitively introducing features specific to VR.


The enclosure is constructed of an aerospace grade aluminum alloy, making the frame light and incredibly strong. The buttons and switches are precisely machined with surgical tolerances giving them a responsive feel.


Immersed in the moment

With the rapid emergence of Virtual and Augmented reality headsets, the need for consumer level, content creation tools was apparent. Iris is the first intuitive, portable, 270° VR camera, that anyone can pick up and begin using right away. It's powerful onboard processor seamlessly stitches together three live video feeds in real time, creating a single composition. 


When designing Iris, it was critically important that it remained compact and maintained a familiar layout to traditional cameras. Using it is as simple as pointing it and pressing the shutter button. 


Capturing a 270° field of view and displaying it on a 2D plane presented a unique challenge. To address this, Iris uses 3 displays to reflect what the camera sees. The large viewfinder displays the center 90° to highlight the main subject. The side-view displays show the outermost edges of the camera, giving the user full visual awareness.


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