The Prix Auto Assistant takes the same great functionality of smart assistants and makes it more affordable and accessable for vehicles without CarPlay or Android Auto. The car is the most natural enviornment for voice interaction given that hands should be on the wheel and eyes on the road. "Hey Prix" and it'll be ready to listen.


Bluetooth connectivity delivers the best of both worlds, voice and powerful sound. No bluetooth, no problem, Prix also comes equiped with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Form and Function. Prix was designed to integrate visually and functionally with most automobiles. Prix's round dial is familiar and facilitatates quick interactions while visually complimenting exsisting car interiors. To ensure the most seemless user experience, Prix was designed around the 12V power outlet so its always powered and ready whenever you are. 


Information at a glance. Prix's UI was carefully created to deliver complimentary information at a glance without being a distraction. Similar to a cars dashboard, the UI displays the information you need when you need it.


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