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Franz Cerwinka

Principal Designer

Franz is the founder of Windfall and serves as its Principal Designer. Franz has made work for companies such as Signify and Master & Dynamic, helping them bring innovative products to market. Franz earned two degrees from Purdue University in Industrial Design and Organizational Leadership.



Teddy Sergesketter

Product Engineer

Teddy is a patent-holding engineer, consultant, and product storyteller who is comfortable solving problems from the factory floor to the board room. His experience at brands like Boeing, Tesla, and Deloitte has spanned the entirety of the product lifecycle, from initial functional design to manufacturing and marketing. Today, he works for Salesforce, helping some of the largest companies in America define their product go-to-market strategies. Teddy holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue, where he focused primarily on human-centered and accessible approaches to design.



Beatrice Louise Smith

Creative Director and Editor

Beatrice has a lifelong passion for art and design. Having visited art museums around the world, she has learned from classic pieces of art. Experiencing different cultures has further implored her to continue her travels and encounter new experiences. Beatrice fuels the creative side of Windfall and is responsible for editing.



Harrison Slater Van Pelt

Human Experience Design

Harrison grew up surrounded by arts and creativity. With a father who worked every creative profession imaginable, to grandparents who traveled the world on photography assignments, and a mother who designed and coordinated world-class events, his upbringing provided exposure to the most profound and diverse forms of artistic expression. Weekly excursions to La Paz and volunteer trips to Madagascar further solidified his passions towards art and philanthropy. These experiences nurtured a desire to help capture and share the beauty of the world while reciprocating love onto those less fortunate.


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Windfall is a collective of designers, artists and makers, working with companies globally to bring ideas and concepts to life.

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